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Blogtober 21st


Its the 21st of October which means it is also the twenty-first day of Blogtober! Today I am answering my questions based on 20th October.

Having a good night’s sleep and being up early, waking to the sunlight coming through my bedroom window and getting so many things done before lunchtime really made me feel enthusiastic.  It’s funny how the weather can affect so many little things.

I have physio in the morning and spent time worrying about that as I’m not too sure whether I will be having a steroid injection tomorrow or whether it will happen at a later date.  My shoulder is still pretty achy and doesn’t feel like it has got any better this week which is also playing on my mind.

I learned that getting up early and getting so many things done can have a positive impact on how my day goes.  It is something that I think I will try to do more often as it made me feel pretty good.

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