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Weekly Roundup 15/09/19 – 21/09/19


I feel like I have not made much progress this week with reading my book this week.  I have been reading a lot though, but it has been articles on the internet.  I have read a vast amount of articles covering so many different topics from art, design, skincare, fashion, computing, software, reviews, gardening and typography.

I started to watch I-Land with my friend this week, its a new series on Netflix and so far seems pretty good.  10 people wake up on an island with no idea of who they are, how they got there or any recollection of their past.  They are all dressed in similar outfits and have an item found near where they wake which, so far is unexplained.  I won’t spoil it by saying too much more, but as the series goes along we find out more about each person and their lives before which have led to them being on the island.

More podcasts!  I’ve been listening to more of the same podcasts as last week (LogoGeek and The Deeply Graphic Designcast).  I have got a few new podcasts downloaded to listen to this week and am really looking forward to listening to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast as I have heard some brilliant things about it!

I haven’t really eaten anything interesting this week though I had been craving bananas and custard so treated myself to a bowl of custard with chopped bananas one evening!  It was soo good!  I’ve also been eating a lot of apples, they are so tasty and juicy right now!

I don’t very often drink fizzy drinks but really fancied some Coke-Cola this week which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It made a nice change from water and squash and the tea and coffee that I usually drink!  I only bought a small bottle and it lasted me a whole day.

You may have noticed that my Saturday Shout Out didn’t happen yesterday, I had written it in the week and thought I had scheduled it but when I checked on Friday it was nowhere to be found.  I planned on re-writing it on Friday evening but had a few other things that zapped my energy.  I spent much of Friday afternoon and evening running between home and our local DIY store with the toilet cistern in pieces.  I have had problems with it leaking water into the overflow and the pipe constantly leaking which I thought would be an easy fix, all I needed to do was adjust the ballcock float surely?  Anyway, to cut a long story short, I needed to replace the whole cistern filler unit so I opted for a newer one that does away with the ballcock mechanism, instead, the float is built into the filler tube and moves up and down as the water is flushed/refills.  I had to remove the flush part of the cistern and turn it 180 degrees as there was not enough space for the new mechanism to fit beside it.  I needed to remove the whole cistern from the toilet, undo the washer that held the flush part in and turn it, then put the cistern back onto the toilet before re-connecting the water pipe and the overflow.  There were a few problems…I didn’t have the right sized spanner,  the huge nut that held the flush mechanism to the base of the cistern wouldn’t undo, then when I had got it all back together it was leaking.  Fixed the leaks then the cistern wouldn’t fill enough to flush.  Removed everything again to see what was going on.  Then realised (if I had read the instructions which came with the new ballcock mechanism ting) that all I needed to do was adjust the height of the fill unit in order to adjust the amount of water in the cistern, not take it apart.  Anyway, I managed, with the help of my friend who came to the rescue, to fix it and now I have a flushable, leak-free toilet!  We didn’t finish sorting it until nearly 12pm on Friday night and by then I was absolutely shattered and couldn’t think of anything other than climbing into bed.  Sometimes, as they say, “shit happens.”.

I’ve been feeling ok this week, just tired still.  Friday was a bit stressful as every time I needed to do something I found I couldn’t as I didn’t have the right tools (who knew you would need so many different sized spanners?) and I spent a lot of time driving back and fore to the DIY store, partly annoyed with myself for not looking to see what was needed and partly just annoyed in general, the youtube videos I had watched made it all look so easy!  My shoulder is still playing up and I’m still taking painkillers for it, I think that is impacting on my sleep and making me tired.

How has your week been?  What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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